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Pension's overview

Climate change and its consequences affect all of us.

Recent acknowledgements of the consequences of climate change are now being weighed up with the many objectives of humanity.

It is rapidly becoming recognised that one of the key needs of humanity is to govern the amount of pollution that is emitted.

Two benefits of regulating this pollution is that our descendants will have a habitable world to live on and our generation will have one to retire on.

Understandably the above objectives must be achieved. The cost of these objectives and how climate change shall affect you will depend on where you live.

For example if increased action worldwide is taken now the individual UK consumer cost of climate change should be about a price of a cup of coffee every day.

Unfortunately if action is not taken now the costs will skyrocket. The longer the delay in reducing the existing levels of pollution the less likely our descendants or our generation will ever be in a position to retire.

In comparison the price of a cup of coffee seems cheap, though sadly for many the financial burden of a cup of coffee can rarely be found.